WANT TO JOIN IN??? Here's How!

Want to join in? And be a part of the show? Here's a few hints:
TELL YOUR OWN SPOOKY STORY!   What could be better!?
Please state your name and title of the story/piece/
Tale Length:  5 minutes or less
Read from the Public Domain: - Poetry, Books, Stories published before 1926
Please state your name and the Author and title of the story/piece you will read.
Remember:  It's a Family Audience!  
- No sexual situations or adult language!

Come in person! Email for directions!

Want to call in and record a story ahead??

Call the Phone Number below to be connected with the 3 minute voice line -
  - Please state your name and The Author and title of the story in your voice recording -
Run out of time?  Call back and leave another message!  
{just say - PICK UP and start from the sentence before the beep cut you off!}
call +1 818 338 5411